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Parking Aids


Even if you love to drive not everybody loves trying to park, but of course we all have to test our parking skills at some point. For many people, parking can be one of the most difficult parts of driving:

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Motorbike Security

disc lock

Thousands of motorcycles are stolen every year in the United Kingdom, and only about 4 in 10 of these bikes are recovered. Even if you are with an excellent insurance company, it is unlikely that you will be able to

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Considering Alloy Wheels

alloy wheels

Almost certainly the most popular modifications for vehicles is the addition of alloy wheels as they are light and attractive and are the perfect choice if you want to improve the performance and look of your vehicle whilst retaining the

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5 Popular Apps for Car Drivers


Whilst you should be focusing on the road and not your smart phone whilst you are driving, there are plenty of apps which are designed to help people who drive a lot, like yours truly. The best apps are designed

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Have You Considered Buying an Electric Car?

electric car

Despite what Clarkson may think, a lot of people I speak to are becoming increasingly concerned about the levels of emissions which are produced by today’s vehicles. Many seem to be naturally interested in vehicles which run on alternative fuel

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Formula 1 Technology that’s being used in Everyday Cars

racing car

Despite the fact that they are designed for some of the fastest cars in the world, some areas of Formula 1 technology have actually been adopted by those who make road cars for everyday use. A two way conversation has

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What the Law Says about Speed Camera Detectors

speed camera

There are thousands of speed cameras across the United Kingdom, and every year these cameras catch hundreds of thousands of people who are breaking the law. Some drivers wish to reduce the risk that they will be punished for speeding

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The Pros and Cons of Dash Cams

dash cam

Dash cams (cameras which sit on your dashboard basically) are becoming more and more popular among drivers in this country. I have two myself in my taxi, not that I’m a bad driver, it just makes sense. Before you decide

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