Meet Robin

Hey, thanks for stopping by my little blog.

My name’s Robin (that’s me in the picture!) and I’m a taxi driver from Essex. I’m also a huge car and bike enthusiast. Hell, my parents even named me after a car! Joke.

RobinI’ve been living and working in Essex for a number of years now and have enjoyed almost every minute of my time here. Being a taxi driver, cabbie or whatever other names people call us is a fantastic job, at least for me it is.

You get to meet the whole spectrum of society, even some toffs catch a ride from time to time. Most people will have a chat, some won’t say a dicky bird, and others are so drunk they can’t put a coherent word, let alone sentence together, but that’s life and that’s fine with me.

Anyway I’m not going to bore you with my life story, hell you don’t even know me right so why should you care. Haha. So what’s this blog, website, journal or whatever else it might be called, about?

The thing is with taxi driving when you get slow times it can get really slow. I’m sure you’ve seen us lined up outside the local train station waiting for our next fare, right? Well with nothing much else to do other than listen to the radio and the local traffic updates the brain isn’t being stimulated.

Being a taxi driver doesn’t involve much exercise. I’ve got that covered by my gym membership and jogging most days, but the brain ends up going almost to auto-pilot once you know your routes better than the back of your hand, so this is a way to stimulate my brain in those quiet moments when fares are scarce.

AsĀ  said, I’m a huge car and bike enthusiast and make it to Brands Hatch fairly often to spectate. So I decided to stimulate my brain by writing. I’m not trying to be a writer or anything like that, but writing a few words on a topic (car and bike related) that interests me during quiet times help keeps my brain active, and the time doesn’t drag.

I also liked the idea of blogs so decided to figure out how all this stuff works and throw one out there. So here I am.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this blog up, or whether anyone will ever drop by, or even find it worth reading if they do, but that’s not really the point.

The point is to keep by brain, or my mind even, occupied. So if you do stop by or chance upon this blog, maybe you’ll find some of it interesting, I hope you do anyhow.

Enjoy your day, and safe driving.